Compliance with the law

The Bank considers compliance with laws and regulations a fundamental principle. In performing its duties and operations, the Bank complies with the rules of the legal system in force and company regulations, always applying them honestly and fairly.

Integrity, Fairness and Transparency

When carrying out its operations, the Bank is committed to fully respecting the principles of legality, fairness, compliance, transparency, clarity and truthfulness, including in accounting matters, in accordance with the applicable regulations and corporate procedures to ensure that these principles are correctly applied and overseen.

Innovation and efficiency

The Bank aims to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its business processes through the perfect combination of corporate resources, procedures and organisational models that are able to meet the needs of customers and ensure efficiency in management.

A focus on change

The Bank develops a dynamic focus on the future, with a driven and flexible vision that results in a continuous updating of operations and products, also acting responsibly when promoting and protecting company assets.

Respect for the individual

The Bank respects the rights and cultural, political and religious identities of all those it works with. The central focus placed on the individual can be seen in the priority given to customer needs, the Bank’s transparency towards its shareholders, and its active involvement in the social life of local communities.

Teamwork and cooperation

The Bank promotes internal communication as a means to fully harness its employees and develop teamwork skills, improving cooperation between various teams, skills pooling, and the ability to support others managing intensive workloads.